Two Mobile Fablabs for Ukraine

Fig. 7 Tons Mobile Fablab for Ukraine

July - September 2022

We created two mobile fablabs for Ukraine. The design basically is to be modular so we can easily adapt all the needs in the future where you can plug and unplug the funitures. In the early development I helped two Architecture; Daniel and Fabio to brainstorm all the futures and measure and design the 3d CAD of the two trucks.

Fig.3 3.5 tons mobile Fablabs concept.

Fig.3 7.5 tons mobile Fablabs concept.

Then, I scan the wall of the 3.5 ton truck using an app on my phone called "ScandyPro" and get the curve which later on used to design the sturcure of the poles for the funiture. During the design process I always think how I can easily assembly my parts into the trucks and thinking about the why. Why shall I cut this part? How will I assembly the part?

Fig.3 3.5 tons mobile Fablabs concept.

Fig.3 3D scan.

Fig.3 Cardboard test.

Fig.3 First test.

Fig.3 Result.

Fig.3 Funitures were being placed.

This mobile fablabs are also equiped with 220 v AC to run all the fablab machines. The battery can be charged either with the car engine, normal electricity house hold plug or the solar panel.

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