3D Printed Face Shields

Fig.1 Medics and Proffesional wearing our faceshields

March - April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic situation can be considered as an unforeseen disaster and has affected every personel one or the other way. As time was a constraint, people were trying to cope up and adapt to the difficult situation. I heard from my sister who was doing social activities, that some Indonesian medical staff were using plastic raincoats as face shields due to shortage of protection gear. I understand that safety of medical officers was of utmost importance during these times. Modifying the existing product of Prusa, I designed face shields in an optimised way so that it uses less materials as well as production time.

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Fig.3 Hand Washing Timer

One other idea I had was to make a device that reminds people to wash their hands properly within 20 seconds. This device has a touchless sensor to activate the timer. For more info click here!

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