Silver Car

Fig.1 The miniature car made out of silver

September 2020

Electric scooters are very common in Shanghai and I have always dreamed of making one of those on my own. So I started collecting the necessary parts like brushless motor, tires and the controller during my stay in China.

Fig.2 My Flight Laguage from Shanghai, China to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic I had to leave China and go back to Indonesia. My bag from China to Jakarta was filled with all the parts I bought for the electric bike. I started working on this project as soon as I reached home.

Fig.3 Fail Attempt

My initial idea was to start with welding but had to retire from this plan as the spring I found was too weak. Fortunately, I found an unused electric motor bike chassis later. So I decided to just modify it and weld the chassis together with wheel holders and steering wheel.

Fig.3 Wiring Up

Once mechanical parts were done, I started the electrical wiring of all the power electronics. Finding the documentation about controllers was not easy, as most of them were in Chinese. I was able to start wiring up the bike only after my dad helped me translate most of the documentation from Chinese.

Fig.5 First Test

After finishing up both mechanical and electrical works, I did my first actual test. It went pretty smooth and the experience was very satisfying. I used my electric bike almost everyday for my short journeys. It could only run with a maximum speed of 30 km/h and so was only used for short distance travel.